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The Global Heart Hub is a cardiovascular disease community with the mission to achieve the best positive outcomes for people living with heart diseases, supporting and educating patients and caregivers. They have currently more than 90 affiliated patient organisations from 30 countries, and are working unitedly for the needs of hearts patiences around the world.

The 2023 Heart Failure Awareness Campaign is running during the whole month of May, aiming to highlight key issues of this condition and raise awareness of the importance of early detection, early diagnosis and the timely treatment and lifestyle choices in order to improve the quality of life when living with heart failure.

As well as throughly enjoying working on this project, we have learnt so much about the condition itself. For instance, it is estimated that 60 million people worldwide are currently affected by heart failure, but although it is a serious chronic condition, it doesn’t have to stop you from enjoying life to the full, through support, treatment and healthy lifestyle choices.

Hillside created a set of illustrations, info graphics and templates for use across multiple formats, and specifically for social media. The templates were eventually handed over as editable files, enabling the affiliated patient organisations to edit and translate the campaign messages into their own languages, giving them full control of an efficient and flexible campaign toolkit.

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