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Edinburgh's Thriving Green Spaces flyer

We had the pleasure of developing a visual identity for Edinburgh’s Thriving Green Spaces, a fantastic project that will benefit millions of residents and visitors to the capital.

As well as the obvious visual impact that green and blue spaces have on our city, they also play a vital in achieving a sustainable future and improving our everyday lives, physically and mentally.

We created a series of striking illustrations of outdoor spaces and local communities in Edinburgh, using vibrant colours inspired by the natural environment. This is an eye-catching design that we believe captures the project’s optimism, ambition and sensibilities, aspiring to fruitful discussions about our care for the environment, health and local communities.

Public engagement and interaction is at the heart of the project, and everyone are invited to share their aspirations and visions for the city’s green spaces so that we can be creating amazing spaces together. Check out their website for more info.

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