Bringing Colour to Clay

ClientNatalie J Wood

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We had the pleasure of working with the talented Edinburgh based ceramicist Natalie J Wood, to design a website for her project ‘Bringing Colour to Clay’, showcasing her research in colour, pigments and their application to clay. The site presents ‘recipes’ for 84 different colours which can be applied to clay before firing, and as Natalie’s colour research evolves, the site will expand over time.

Hillside were asked to create an elegant, fun and engaging website that would present research in an expressive and interactive way, making the site an informative and useful guide, as well as offering a rewarding user experience. We introduced a series of friendly, malleable shapes that create a sense of dynamism across the page, acting both as functional objects and aesthetically pleasing design elements. This enabled us to produce a cohesive design concept that took its lead from the colour research itself, and the incredible studio photography by Susan Castillo.

We hope that the site will benefits many, giving them the opportunity to use this research within their own practice.

Full homepage screenshot of Bringing Colour to Clay website
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