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Blue Teapot is a bold and innovative Irish theatre company, working with artists with intellectual disabilities. They approached us with a new brand identity, requiring a new website that would showcase their fresh look online. The organisation works with both local and international audiences, so it was important to showcase the high quality of their productions as well as reflecting the warm and inclusive nature of everything they do.

Following Blue Teapot’s brand guidelines, we produced combinations of SVG images and photography to create a dynamic and welcoming feel, using striking colours and rounded edges throughout the site.

Blue Teapot website viewed on multiple mobile phones

As for the development, a primary goal was to focus on accessibility, meeting all requirements of the WCAG guidelines. We also included a custom widget that allows the user to change the colour theme to improve legibility:

Dark Mode to improve attention and focus, and create less strain on the eyes (helpful for a wide range of users).

High Contrast Mode to increase readability and reducing website’s visual noise by removing certain elements.

Greyscale Mode to help users with specific types of colour blindness.

We also allocated a lot of resources to improve the website performance (page speed), optimising, concatenating and minifying the CSS and JavaScript files, and optimising and lazy loading images.

Monica, Alex and Sergi were a pleasure to deal with, demonstrating deep knowledge across their respective areas.  Our team thoroughly enjoyed working with them.  We found the process to be collaborative and creative, resulting in our perfect outcome.  It’s really rare to find a team that will go the extra mile to deliver such great results.

Hillary Kavanagh Producer

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